Presence of Mind- In the Moment

Have you ever put yourself in autopilot because it was much easier than always thinking constantly? Are you one of those who gets stuck in their own mind just to escape reality? Presence of mind is when you are in the moment when you are doing the day to day activities, even the mundane ones. For those new to this, it can be difficult because your body and mind will be shocked. Nevertheless, it keeps you aware of your surroundings. This happened to me when I was meditating one morning commuting to work by train. I let my mind hear, feel and sense everything around me and it was scary. At one point, I felt my heart beating quickly and it was frightening. After that day, I didn’t do it again, but the thought came back to me and I wanted to share this thought. Maybe, I will try it again another time.

Many of us, including myself live life in our own minds and let things happen in life without our input. While this mindset may make it easier to let go of hard experiences, it doesn’t allow us to truly feel the moment. Whether it be joy, sorrow or anger, being in autopilot dilutes the experience. Lately, the practice of being the in the moment allowed me to express how I feel freely and honestly.

Do you agree? Do you feel that you are not in the moment and live life in autopilot?



Pest. What is a pest? Has there been a pest in your life? What are they?

We all have our pests. They are things that bother us but never seem to go away. How does one handle a pest? They can avoid the pest, face the pest, or get rid of it. Many face the pest because it is something that has to be done. For some people, it’s the long commute to work, buying groceries for your home or washing your clothes . The common factor for all these pests (or so called pests) are that they need to be done. If you avoid them or get rid of them entirely for someone else to do, it can cause stress for yourself and those around you. Think about someone who doesn’t clean their house, brush their teeth or buy groceries. You wouldn’t want to hang around that person. Our pests help us function daily and encourages us to take responsibility for ourselves

Overcome your pests and see it as an opportunity for growth.

What is your pest? How do you overcome it?