Art of Doing

I want to get you moving – To do what you were meant to do for yourself. I, myself, am going through the process so you can say I am accompanying you in this journey.

Remember this: Work hard and grind through difficult times.

Take for example our own parents. Many of them had difficult lives growing up. Both my parents are immigrants from the Philippines. My mom came here in her teens and had a hard time adjusting to the new culture. Speaking English, meeting people from different cultures and going to school in America were all new experiences for her. As for my dad, he immigrated to the U.S. when he was 26 years old after he married my mom. His life had different adjustments such as being a married man, searching for a new career, speaking a new language and adjusting to new American customs.  Life was not easy for them.

Nevertheless, it’s unfortunate that most millennials cannot experience or even understand what their parents went through. Parents say that they’ve experienced these hardships and worked hard so their children won’t have to when they should have said that they worked this hard so you can understand how life is. How different are our parents from us? They were once kids. Their struggles and their life growing up was not a walk in the park. How can some of us be arrogant to think that we are supposed to have a better life?

It’s nice to say that we can provide for our parents and we will give them the best when we get older, but that can lead to so much stress and pressure. It can be heartbreaking when we feel like we can’t provide for them. Nevertheless, if we are able to provide, we still create a self-perpetuating cycle of parents working their butts off for the kids to live a better life with the hope of children providing for them. Why not have an understanding that life is difficult and you always need to put in the work. Even if you put in enough work, life may or may not cooperate so we just have to move forward. As I said, “Press on and grind through the difficult times.”

Through this, we create a whole new cycle that in order to get to where we need to be, we do what is necessary. No false expectations. No unnecessary pressures. Just simply take action. This is where the true essence of a well lived life will come into fruition.


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